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    Getting started in the forums & server Empty Getting started in the forums & server

    Post  woeshie on Mon Feb 16, 2009 10:25 pm

    Getting started in the forums
    You can use Home, Search, Profile and your
    other tabs to start. First you can go edit your
    profile, like uploading your own picture. First
    read the rules before posting, please. Click on a
    board you are intressed in. After that you will
    see topics, you can make topics by yourself with
    using the 'new topic' button, then fill in a Subject
    & a message. You can pimp them with smilies, bolds,
    images, videos & more. The important starting rules
    are to talk good english, and do not post any spam.
    When you wanna make a topic, but see a sticky topic,
    its smart to read the sticky one. The sticky topic will
    tell about the board, like whats allowed, and whats not.
    Being active on the forums, and making good posts/
    helpfull guides, will grow your change of any staff in
    the forums, but also in the server.

    Getting started in the server
    You start at Lumbridge, first talk Hans for details.
    Now you can walk to the lumbridge tutor, just walk
    to right out the gates, and head north. It's like 10 seconds
    walking from there, really close. You can talk to him
    about alot good basics. Like where you can train,
    how you make money, and more. After you done that
    you can teleport around. Use your spellbook (no runes and
    magic level required), to teleport to different towns.
    In the towns you will head shops, a few minigames, and
    NPC's. Many people don't like this server, because there's
    nothing expensife in the shops. This is because NPC's are
    dropping it, to start a ecenomy. So if WoeshieScape is just up
    you need to start the ecenomy. If there come more players,
    and it's more up, we will have a good ecenomy, and it's getting
    fun. Also you can teleport easy with your Glory(4) to Edgeville,
    and other places. You can do quests, if you need any help with it
    just ask people around you, if you are very experienced and
    wanna make a guide, you are able to do that on the forums,
    and we ill thank you.

    If you have any questions, easy use the reply button.

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